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a-frame signMarch 21, 2013

Check out one of our A-Frame signs we just finished up for a company in Marin, called Strings.

This A-Frame style sign made a big difference in walk in traffic. This type of custom design work really has a huge impact on walk in traffic.

The white area in the middle is where they feature specials for the day. Needless to say they were very happy with the project and they are the talk of the town. You can't get any better exposure than that.


Custom Banners

Signs and Vinyl Banners are our specialty. When you need to get your message broadcast to others, there is no method more effective than using high quality signage...

We have been making signs for over 20 years in Concord and have produced thousands of cost effective visually appealing signs for small businesses and retail customers like youth sports clubs. Where good at what we do and can help you decide what the best method to use for getting your message across.

photo of soccer banners for a sports team in concord ca

Signs and banners when professionally made and printed influence opinions, customer action, and tell a story that is permanent, in-place, and reaches directly into the consciousness of everyone within reading distance in a way that cannot be duplicated, even with a large sales force. Communicating not only a message that is relevant to your targeted reader, but communicating a message that may spark an interest or reinforce an idea that would not be relevant in conversation.

While at a sporting event you can reinforce team or player support, identify a team, or advocate an idea. Within a retail store you can identify and announce sales, prices, or competitive advantages that all customers should know. On a building or as an outdoor advertisement they announce to all that pass by that you have something to offer. Signs and vinyl banners make a statement and firmly announce your message. Concord Signs and Vinyl Banners

back-lit business sign for a restaurant in concord

Concord Signs and Vinyl Banners has the knowledge, experience, and custom equipment to make any number of yard signs or vinyl banners in any needed size.

First founded in 1869 by Salvio Pacheco as the Todos Santos Community, Concord California has over 122 thousand residents and is the largest city within Contra Costa County. Concord's size and history makes it large enough to have enough sign and banner needs for its own quality sign and banner manufacturer, while at the same time small enough where Concord Signs and Vinyl Banners is able to provide personal service and consistent excellence with each order.

Concord offers a variety to its residents from the Contra Costa shopping destination of Sun Valley mall to the historic and still active Naval Weapons station, all within the city limits. It also offers large corporate employers such as Bank of America, Chevron and the esteemed John Muir Health system.

The City is located on both sides of Interstate 680 and includes portions of State Highways 2 and 242. Concord has city owned Buchanan Field Airport and is a popular annual destination with its Concord Jazz Festival and always has a popular concert or event being held at the destination venue, The Concord Sleep Train Pavilion. Types of Signs and Vinyl Banners

Yard signs range from the smallest that you find on a lawn stand, announcing a home for sale, political position, or the contractor working on a home, through large vinyl banners that stretch across a building announcing lease availability, an upcoming event, or other advertisement.

Signs can be found within offices announcing policies or special programs. They can also be found across street corners and public advertising venues as advertisements, announcing sales, or other product and event promotions.

van wrap for a local concord painting company

Vinyl banners are typically found outdoors as a type of large and durable sign that be designed and written large enough to be readable from a distance. These banners have countless uses from identifying a location for a local sports team within a large sports complex with multiple play fields, draped across a home or building for sale or lease loudly announcing availability, or even to broadcast to others a religious or political event or position so that others are influenced. The type, size, and exact specifications can be easily determined when you work with Concord Signs and Vinyl Banners who have the experience to ensure your satisfaction.

The reason you use vinyl for banners is for its ability to durably withstand varied weather conditions while maintaining bright and vibrant colors and contrasts that look new at all times, even with repeated or extended use. Other materials have been tried, but strong vinyl with embedded grommets have been proven in their use and consistency.

Signs can range in size, quality, and durability depending on their intended use, length of required service, and exposure to the climate. A full color sign on thick stock or a core board may be perfect for distribution within a company that needs a sign inside each office. A sign on Coroplast or other thicker and more durable material would be more appropriate for outdoor or more durable applications. The specific material and type of sign can be selected with the help of the experienced professionals at Concord Signs and Vinyl Banners.

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