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Berkeley Signs and Vinyl Banners is your one stop local source for high quality signs and vinyl banners that will capture attention and effectively communicate your message.

If you want to inform, persuade, or inspire others signs and banners are affordable and effective. There is no single medium of communicating that is as versatile and clear as a well worded and professionally designed message in full color print, placed strategically to catch the eye of all who are within reading distance. Whether you simply want expert reproduction of your design or professional assistance in making certain your target audience is reached in the most powerful and clear way possible, contact Berkeley Signs and Vinyl Banners and your vision will be realized.

Our Services

a-frame signServices include full color digital printing, custom design, on site manufacturing, and knowledgeable customer service.

Bulk orders for signs or banners are welcome and we go out of our way to meet our customer's needs. We are a local shop that can and has delivered any size order with a consistency and quality throughout the order that few out of town unaccountable manufacturers can match.

Our Signs and Banners are Effective?

There is no method of communication where you combine re-framing the mind of the target audience, undiluted messaging, and local relevance. The sign or banner that reaches within the eyesight of anyone nearby, for an instant, forces their mind to digest and consider the message. This is an attribute of well designed messages that cannot be duplicated in other marketing mediums that also reach out to a targeted geographic base audience. This localized mass interruption of consciousness is the reason you see signs and banners everywhere you travel. It is because this is the most visible and single most effective tool that is socially accepted and at the same time delivers your message.

We will help you create the Right Message

Core to an effective sign or banner is the message. Whether simple large print on a contrasting background or using full colors along with custom graphics, photographs, or images all aspects of the sign or banner must work together to ensure maximum effectiveness.

At Berkeley Signs and Vinyl Banners you will have at your service, experts that have the specific experience and knowledge that will ensure your message has the exact impact your desire.

Ask Us What Works

When you contact Berkeley Signs and Vinyl Banners you are accessing industry professionals that have studied the effectiveness of all different types and sizes of signs and banners. From the straightforward and simple two-color custom sign to the elaborate full color large vinyl banner. Having an established repeat client base throughout Berkeley, We pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers over time to get an understanding of the Berkeley community and in-turn understand what works best for any given message. This is important because Berkeley is a unique community and having a track record of customer feedback allows you to leverage our experience accumulated knowledge to your advantage.

Our Sign Shop is Part of Downtown Berkeley, CA

Though residents of historically famous Berkeley know there is more to Berkeley than its worldwide reputation, Berkeley itself is a location itself that brings to the mind of the world visions of signs and banners advocating alternative viewpoints and opinions.

Berkeley is located in Alameda County just East of San Francisco and home to two internationally famous institutions. The University of California, Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. With its population of just over 112 thousand the city is located along Interstate 580 and Interstate 80 and is accessible by BART, Amtrak, and the local buy system, AC Transit.

The demand for signs and banners from in the city mirrors the demand of other cities of its size with the unique attribute that the city of Berkeley, with UC Berkeley and constant events and festivals, there is an unrelenting need to advertise and announce to residents, students, and visitors messages, updates, and event information. As a result, vinyl banners and signs that are commonly found to message attendees of annual events such as the Jewish Music Festival, Berkeley Kite Festival, or the Berkeley Arts Festival information and announcements that make the festival attendance more rewarding.

With the George C Edwards Stadium hosting the UC Berkeley Golden Bears and other events, signs and banners are not only used to advertise and communicate with incoming city visitors, but also at games and events to promote teams, players, or other ideas.

Types of Vinyl Banners and Signs

Vinyl banners range in size from the smallest, only using a couple square feet, to the very large that can be draped across a stadium or building.

Our graphics department is one of the best in the area and makes quality custom banner designs. Our methods include using heavy duty vinyl because vinyl is a tough material that is weather resistant and holds printed colors well. It is also used because vinyl is relatively flexible and not heavy in weight. This allows even large vinyl banners to roll into a compact and transportable size.

Signs can be any size depending on use. All are digitally printed and can be made for any specific situation. From outdoor A-frame signs and yard signs through to large full color advertisements Berkeley Signs and Vinyl Banners will exceed your expectations.

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